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We use top-spec Airflex professional carpet cleaning equipment, giving you the cleanest freshest, deepest clean possible.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

M & S Cleaning Services provide a specialist carpet cleaning service. 

Using top- spec carpet cleaning equipment along with eco-friendly products. 

Firstly, we prepare the carpets to be cleaned by removing the top layer dust and debris.

Secondly, we use a pre-spray to target troublesome high traffic areas and stains which are then agitated using a carpet groomer, this process helps to break down the stains within the fibres, inviting the dirt to the top of the carpet pile.

Thirdly, we use deep extraction with an added deodoriser and clean the whole of the carpeted areas, restoring the carpet back to its former glory, whilst leaving a pleasant scent before grooming the carpet to reset the carpet pile. 


Domestic Carpet Cleaning


Commercial Carpet Cleaning

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